Osi Umenyiora's deal a clear win for Giants

You know, when athletes say things like, "It wasn't about the money," or "I just want this contract stuff behind me," it can be hard to believe them. But in the case of New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora, the details of his restructured contract support those kinds of claims.

Our man Andrew Brandt reports that the restructuring of the deal amounts to a 2012 raise for Umenyiora from $4.725 million to $6.5 million, though the final number is based on per-game bonuses and sack incentives. The deal also includes a voidable 2013 season that allows the Giants to minimize the hit to this year's salary cap.

Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger has a detailed breakdown. His figure is $6 million, not $6.5 million, but he cites Andrew's report about the sack incentives and speculates that that's the way the difference gets made up:


Signing bonus: $2 million

Base salary: $2.5 million

Reporting bonus: $250,000

Roster bonus: $750,000 ($46,875 per game on the 46-man active list) Roster bonus: $500,000 ($31,250 per game on the 53-man roster)


Base salary: $1 million

Note: This is a voidable year. What makes it void was not included in the breakdown I received, but trust me when I say it'll void extremely easily. Umenyiora won't be playing under this deal next year.

Now, as I mentioned, Brandt had this deal at $6.5 million. He didn't provide a breakdown of how he got to that number, so I can't tell you how he got there. I do know, as I've previously reported, the Giants were offering a sack bonus if Umenyiora reached 10 sacks. Perhaps that's where the extra $500,000 lies.

What has become clear as these details have emerged is why Umenyiora and his agent were at odds over whether he should accept this deal. It's not a very good deal at all for Umenyiora, and as long as he had any leverage at all (in the form of a potential holdout), I don't know an agent that would have advised him to sign it. But Umenyiora apparently just wanted the issue settled and to get back on the field, so he took what the Giants were offering to placate him and decided he'd try and make his real money next year. All of the stuff he said Monday about "substandard deal" and having just decided it was time for this saga to be over is backed up by these contract details.

Interestingly, Andrew also reports that the deal contains no provision promising that the Giants won't designate Umenyiora as their franchise player next year and keep him from hitting the open market. But come on. If this is all they're willing to pay him now, off a season in which he collected 12.5 sacks in 13 games (counting the postseason), does anyone really think they're going to franchise him? This year's franchise number for defensive ends was $10.6 million. With the Giants' perennial cap concerns, I don't see how they decide to spend that on Umenyiora -- especially considering how unhappy he'd be about it.