NFC East live video mailbag

Got a question about the Cowboys, Giants, Eagles or Redskins? Want to ask it right to my face? Here's your chance. At 2 pm ET on Wednesday, I will take your questions live right here on the NFC East blog. Just click Vokle's "join event" button right there, and you can log in through Facebook or Twitter and ask your question. You can type it in and ask it via text, which means I'll read and answer it aloud. Or, if you have headphones plugged into your computer and a webcam, you can ask a video question. That works kind of like a talk radio show, where you put yourself into the queue, somebody screens the call and I click on it and your video comes up so you can ask me your question out loud and everybody else can see you. I'd really like as many people as possible to try the video option, but on one condition: Please make sure you have headphones on, or else the echo will be unbearable and we won't be able to take your call. I look forward to seeing and hearing from you at 2 pm.