Breakfast links: Heartbreak & the salary cap

Friday links, in alphabetical order by the team's 2012 training camp site.

New York Giants (Albany, N.Y.)

This is the story of a six-year-old fan who sent Brandon Jacobs $3.36 from his piggy bank in an effort to convince him to return to the Giants. And yeah, sorry, but sometimes I do wonder what it says about pro sports that the parts of it that makes no sense to kids are the parts we no longer even question.

The Giants go to the White House today, and ESPN3 will be streaming their visit live at 2:30 p.m. If you would like to watch it, this is the link. If you're looking to kill time until then, I'd suggest finding the full-length mashup of President Obama singing "Call Me Maybe."

Washington Redskins (Ashburn, Va.)

Wide receiver Leonard Hankerson and cornerback Josh Wilson will both be limited until training camp. Hankerson's coming back from last year's hip injury, and Wilson apparently has a thigh injury. Wilson is also referred to as a safety in that story, which makes me wonder if I missed something or if that's just a slip-up. Which is fine, obviously. We all slip up. I haven't heard anything to indicate a move of Wilson to safety, so don't sweat that one.

Chris Cooley says Robert Griffin III is "consistently getting better" as he learns the offense and moves through offseason workouts, and the reviews on the rookie quarterback continue to be nothing but glittering.

Philadelphia Eagles (Bethlehem, Pa.)

Outgoing Eagles team president Joe Banner mentioned the team's parting with Brian Dawkins among his regrets, and Dawkins had some stuff to say about the matter from his end, too, indicating his belief that parting with Banner and changing some things about the way they negotiate deals could be a good thing for the Eagles.

And I really thought Les Bowen's take on the whole thing was a thoughtful one -- the idea that perhaps the perception of the Eagles as filtered through Banner was starting to bug owner Jeffrey Lurie as much as anything else was. Regardless, interesting day at NovaCare, and we wait to discern what the ultimate implications of it all will be.

Dallas Cowboys (Irving, Texas, and Oxnard, Calif.)

Jean-Jacques Taylor is OK with Bruce Carter not having contributed anything last season, since he wasn't expected to. But he says that if the Cowboys are going to do anything this year, Carter's going to need to be a big part of it. I guess I'll agree that it would help if Carter made big strides and became a starter-caliber guy this year, but it still looks to me as though the Cowboys' plan is not to rush him.

Mackenzy Bernadeau says he's hoping to recover from his hip surgery in time for training camp, which would be nice for the Cowboys, especially if they want to find out if he can play center. Which is something I'd want to find out if I were them.