Vince who? McCarthy feelin' the local love

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Interested in reading a love letter to Packers third-year head coach Mike McCarthy? Have at it. Mike Vandermause of the Green Bay Press-Gazette better have a nice seat in the press box tomorrow night.

The basic premise of the column is that McCarthy is vastly underrated because the dreaded national media is focused on coaches such as Bill Belichick, Tony Dungy and John Fox?

Some of us thought Fox was squarely on the hot seat this season, but according to Vandermause, he's a media darling. But anyway, the most interesting/baffling thing in the column was that legendary P.R. man Lee Remmel (now retired) told Vandermause that McCarthy might one day be remembered as the best head coach in franchise history. No one knows more about the Packers' past than Remmel, but this statement caught me off guard.

Seems like Mike has a little ground to make up on the greatest coach in the history of the league. And don't sleep on Curly Lambeau, either. I missed seeing him in action by a couple of years, but he had to do something right to have a stadium named after him.

Mike Holmgren? Thought the guy had a decent run.

Give the column a read and see if you think I'm overreacting. It happens occasionally. Maybe McCarthy is the next Lombardi.

Remind me to tell you guys about pulling up in front of the great Vince's house last January. His grandson was at the wheel. (hat tip: DMN Cowboys Blog)