Breakfast links: Terrell Thomas' inspiration

Morning! I trust everyone had a good weekend. We are back for another June week on the NFC East blog, and this time we don't have minicamps to provide us with our material. I'm open to suggestions. I don't know. Maybe some extra links.

New York Giants

Tom Coughlin is savoring every moment in the wake of his second Super Bowl title, and he spoke with our Ashley Fox late last week about what his life has been like since winning it. Sounds like the same old Coughlin, keeping things simple and focused even as he allows himself to enjoy life at the pinnacle of his chosen profession. One of his sayings is something about how, if you work as hard as you have to work in the NFL, you owe it to yourself to have fun with the fun times.

Art Stapleton wrote a nice Father's Day feature on Terrell Thomas and the way he says his 2-year-old daughter helped him get through last year's ACL injury.

Philadelphia Eagles

Jack McCaffery writes that the Eagles' enthusiasm during minicamp stands as a reason to be encouraged about their coming season. I can kind of see the point. Rather than be down and mopey and backbiting about last year's flop, they're fired up to get back at it. It's the way you'd want them to be, I imagine.

I've never read an Andy Reid feature that gets as personally in-depth as does this one by Jeff McLane, who traveled back home with the Eagles coach and got some insight into his upbringing.

Washington Redskins

Robert Griffin III's assignment during the time between minicamp and training camp is a very simple one, according to Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan: Keep throwing.

Oh, and I know you guys have all been wondering when former Redskins running back John Riggins' new hunting show was going to start. Here's your answer. Yes, really. What? I didn't give you enough Redskins stuff last week?

Dallas Cowboys

Calvin offers five things to like and five things to worry about as the Cowboys head for summer vacation. Everything on the first list is offense (yeah, even Jason Garrett, who's still more offense than defense), and the first three on the second list are defense. This breaks down pretty simply for the Cowboys this year, doesn't it?

And, no, this isn't a 2012 Cowboys story, but it's an interesting look at the NFL's hard-hits controversy from an interesting angle -- the idea that fundamental tackling has declined. And it posits former Cowboys safety Roy Williams as one of the early culprits.