Breakfast links: The Redskins' rookie back

A good, sweltering Wednesday morning to you here in the NFC East. We're going to try the Vokle chat again today at 2 p.m. ET, I am pretty sure (will let you know when/if that's official), and we have a feature going up at noon that requires me to do something I have professed to hate: make predictions in June. But it's a fun little offseason game where John Clayton picks the win totals for each team and I go through and decide whether I agree with him. The AFC guys did it Tuesday, and today's the NFC's turn.

Like I said, though, that's not for a few more hours. By then you'll have fully digested your links.

Washington Redskins

The guy that was getting the most reps at running back at Redskins minicamp last week was rookie Alfred Morris -- mainly because he was one of the very few running backs healthy enough to practice. Should that trend continue, Morris will get lots of chances in training camp to show what he can do. And his versatility as a potential fullback or tailback should help his chances of cracking the roster.

And here's some info on prices for still-available tickets at the reconfigured FedEx Field for 2012. I agree that $29 for an NFL game is a good price, but "upper-level standing room" doesn't sound like the most awesome game-day experience to me. But that's me. I sit in the press box.

Dallas Cowboys

Hey, don't sleep on undrafted guard Ronald Leary's chances to make the Cowboys' roster. As Todd Archer writes, the team already has a lot more money sunk into the guy than teams typically spend on undrafted free-agent guards. And it's not as though there's no opportunity in Dallas at that position.

In their continuing search for a second tight end to replace Martellus Bennett, the Cowboys have picked up John Nalbone, who has played for six NFL teams and went to the same school as Miles Austin. The Cowboys are looking for blocking tight ends, since that's the part of Bennett's game they'll actually miss.

New York Giants

Ohm takes a look at the Giants' linebacking corps, which is looking like a much deeper group than it did last year, thanks to the addition of Keith Rivers and the development of some of the 2011 rookies. Ohm seems to think Chase Blackburn has a good chance to hold onto the middle linebacker spot, even as the year goes along, though Rivers remains an intriguing possibility if he shows he can play there.

If you were going through the drive-thru at the Dunkin' Donuts in East Rutherford, N.J., on Tuesday morning, you might have got a surprise -- Eli Manning handing you your coffee, headset and all. I love how he's wearing his. The Manning brothers' lasting legacy may turn out to be that they've managed to make being a dork kind of cool. I say that with the ultimate respect and appreciation.

Philadelphia Eagles

Yes, the hopes for the defensive line in Philadelphia are sky-high. Dave Spadaro wonders if there's a chance this unit could end up comparing to the Reggie White-led lines of the 1980s and early 1990s. Which would be, you know. Pretty good.

The Philadelphia-based media does not seem to think Colt McCoy makes sense as an Eagles trade target. And if the team truly believes Mike Kafka is capable of starting in a pinch at this point, no, it probably doesn't make sense to trade a pick for him. The fact that they haven't done it yet indicates that that is, in fact, what the Eagles believe. My thing is I'm not convinced Kafka's an experienced enough backup for a quarterback as fragile as Michael Vick. But as I've said many times, Andy Reid has watched him a lot more than I have.