Breakfast links: Cowboys becoming patient

For the record, your reaction to the "More or Less" post, both on Twitter and in the comments section (which I've been trying to stay out of, because some people think its purpose is to bait me into a fight), is one of the main reasons I consider it foolish to do predictions in June. And kind of at all, actually. Yes, Giants fans. I'm looking right at you.

Anyway, on to the links. It's so hot, I feel like a used insole.

Dallas Cowboys

Tim MacMahon says the fact the Cowboys haven't caved in to Mike Jenkins' demands shows that they've progressed as an organization. He cites the case of Marion Barber, who had the same agent as Jenkins, as a past example of such "caving," and believes Cowboys fans should consider it a good sign that they're holding their hard line with Jenkins.

More than 90 percent of respondents to ESPNDallas.com's poll say they would not trade Dez Bryant for Percy Harvin, who has demanded a trade from the Vikings but almost certainly won't get one. I mean, I get that it's June, but how is this even a question? Has Harvin shown any more than Bryant has so far? I like Harvin a lot, but I don't get what's wrong with Bryant that anybody would even make this a debate. He's had two years in the league. I think he'll turn out just fine.

New York Giants

Ohm's spotlight series takes a look at the issue of replacing defensive end Dave Tollefson, which doesn't sound like a huge problem but could be if injuries require a reserve defensive end to play as much as they required Tollefson to play in 2011. It sounds as though they'd prefer to leave Mathias Kiwanuka at linebacker as much as possible and have someone like Justin Trattou or converted linebacker Adrian Tracy claim that spot. But it's good to know they have Kiwanuka as a pass-rush option if they need to call on him.

Remember the kid who sent Brandon Jacobs $3.36 from his piggy bank in an effort to get him to re-sign with the Giants? Well, Jacobs took the kid and his brother out for a fun day at one of those bouncy-castle joints while he was in New Jersey this week. Not bad, Brandon. Not bad.

Philadelphia Eagles

Sheil talks about how he thinks O.J. Atogwe fits with the Eagles. He speculates that Atogwe will in fact be given a chance to win a starting spot, and sure, I imagine he will, in the sense that everyone who goes to camp is. I just don't see Atogwe holding up as a starter, and I think the best way for him to help the Eagles is in a reserve role where he sees the field in certain strategic situations, not on every play.

DeSean Jackson is excited about his new contract and has said so on Twitter, but doing so has possibly brought him some trouble. Apparently, a jeweler who claims Jackson still owes him money would like the Eagles' star wideout to use a portion of his new contract to settle the debt.

Washington Redskins

Clinton Portis gave a very entertaining Washington radio interview in which he talked politics, retirement and said Redskins fans should give Dan Snyder a break. I guess you have to wonder, if the Redskins get stuck and need a veteran back in training camp due to injuries, if Portis could get another call. I'd have to think it's an incredibly long shot, but there's a fair bit of relationship there.

The Redskins have announced their training camp schedule, which begins July 26 and includes 13 practices that are open to the public. Just remember, it's still in Ashburn this year. The plan to move to Richmond would take effect next year. So, don't go to Richmond. And don't sell your hair to a wig shop. Especially over June NFL predictions.