Breakfast links: Atogwe's role in Philly

Friday's links are presented in order of the teams' rushing yard totals from 2011. I have no explanation as to why.

Philadelphia Eagles (2,276)

Former Rams coach Steve Spanguolo offered his thoughts on new Eagles safety O.J. Atogwe, who played for the Rams for his first six years in the NFL. Spagnuolo talked of Atogwe's playmaking ability, which he likely still has but was unable to show last year in Washington due to injury limitations. Again, I'd expect Atogwe to play a role in Philadelphia this year but not to be a starting safety as he was for Spagnuolo. Though you never know.

Atogwe says the team has told him what his role will be, and that he's fine with however it turns out.

Dallas Cowboys (1,807)

The Cowboys made some additions to the offensive line this offseason, but as Tim MacMahon points out, their plan at center still seems to be to hope that Phil Costa will play better. I agree with Tim that center was the line's biggest problem last year and probably should have been addressed. But as usual, they didn't ask me.

Jay Ratliff says the Cowboys' defense is more confident this year but won't be talking about that. And he thinks Jason Hatcher is going to have a "breakout year." We're less than three months away from real games, so you know, at some point everybody will get to stop predicting and projecting. Which will be nice, I think.

Washington Redskins (1,614)

The Cowboys vs. Redskins blog has an interview with undrafted Redskins running back Antwon Bailey, and here's the first part of it. I have no idea if you need to get to know Bailey, but he's a Mike Shanahan running back, so it certainly can't hurt. Guy might end up getting 800 yards for all we know.

The Redskins find themselves in a very unusual situation this year. They'll be one of the few teams in the league whose fans probably won't at any point suggest that the backup quarterback get a shot.

New York Giants (1,427)

While things can always change, at this point Michael Boley still anticipates being one of the Giants' outside linebackers with Chase Blackburn manning the middle. Though as we have discussed here, the Giants have a lot of options for their linebacker alignment this year.

What's Ramses Barden's plan this year? Well, he tells the New York Daily News that he's "here to be the man." So there you have it.