Breakfast links: Welcome to fantasy week

So if you didn't know, our fantasy football draft kit came out last week. And if you didn't know, I'm a pretty serious fantasy football player. So the combination of those two facts you may or may not have known, plus the question of how to populate an NFC East blog during yet another week of this slowest of slow offseason times, has given me an idea. It's going to be fantasy week here on the blog, with at least one significant fantasy football element per day. We'll take fantasy questions in the chat -- both chats, actually, since we'll do the regular Tuesday one and the Wednesday video chat. We'll try and fire up some fantasy-related debate posts. And we'll direct you to much of the NFC East-related content our excellent fantasy staff has put together for its draft kit. And we'll order the links in fantasy-related orders all week, beginning today, when they will run in order of fantasy points scored last year in ESPN leagues by each team's defense/special teams, which I didn't check until I decided that.

Philadelphia Eagles (140)

Nnamdi Asomugha has glowing things to say about new secondary coach Todd Bowles, which is significant, because there were a lot of rumblings last year that Asomugha wasn't happy with the defensive schemes and the coverages he was being asked to run in his first year in Philadelphia. If he truly is more comfortable with the coaches he has and the coaching he's getting this season, that's a reason for Eagles fans to imagine that he'll play better.

The reason Michael Vick is an effective speaker when he goes out into the community and talks to kids about ways to avoid the trouble he got himself into is because of how famous he is. Kids pay attention because this is someone they've seen on TV and at whom they have marveled, and the message is more likely to get through if kids are paying attention. The NFL has decided to take advantage of this, and Vick is one of the speakers at this year's rookie symposium.

Dallas Cowboys (97)

Tim MacMahon looks at four guys from this year's "Dallas Day" workouts who might have a chance to stick on the team's roster in 2012. I'm personally intrigued by Adrian Hamilton and those 22 sacks he had at Prairie View A&M. But you know me and the way I feel about that Cowboys pass rush.

Marcus Spears says he was uncomfortable last year switching sides on the defensive line, and that he's aware that he hasn't lived up to expectations. Certainly, if Spears were to lock down one of those starting defensive end spots, it would go a long way toward helping the Cowboys' front seven play better.

New York Giants (93)

Ohm Youngmisuk's spotlight series took a look at the Giants' options for replacing veteran safety Deon Grant, who was a valuable player and leader for them the last couple of years. At the end, Youngmisuk addresses the option I think is still the most likely -- that they eventually bring back Grant.

Giants 101 says the team has a long history of valuing the backup quarterback position. And while that hasn't been an issue since Iron Man Eli Manning has been the starter, it's important for them to continue to take it seriously, because you really do never know. Current backup David Carr has as much starting quarterback experience as any backup in the league, but the suggestion Giants 101 is making is that they think about a longer-team solution at that backup spot.

Washington Redskins (87)

I had the pleasure of covering the NFL's "broadcast boot camp" at NFL Films in Mount Laurel, N.J. a couple of years ago. Very impressive program in which NFL players past and present are put through a two-day crash course in broadcasting as they ponder post-playing careers. Former Redskin Adam Archuleta was one of this year's participants, and the Washington Post followed him around.

Kory Lichtensteiger checked in with his local paper back home in Ohio and said he's expecting to be fully recovered from his knee injury and ready to go in time. If he's not, the Redskins picked a couple of guys in the draft who could push for his spot.