Breakfast links: Nicks continues to heal

And a fine good morning to you all. In honor of fantasy week here on the NFC East blog, we present this morning's links in order of fantasy points scored last year (in ESPN standard leagues, of course) by each team's starting quarterback.

New York Giants (Eli Manning, 273)

Michael Strahan calls Osi Umenyiora's contract "flat-out robbery" by the Giants, says he'd have sat home and held out if he'd been in the same situation and says the reason Umenyiora didn't is probably because he has "a good heart." Hey, let us know how you really feel, Mike!

Hakeem Nicks continues to insist he'll be back in time for training camp after breaking his foot last month. He says he's no longer in a walking boot. I say the Giants will be as careful as possible, that it seems much more important to Nicks than it does to them that he be able to take part in training camp starting Day 1.

Dallas Cowboys (Tony Romo, 265)

The Cowboys still haven't signed anyone who looks like a good bet to replace Martellus Bennett as their No. 2 tight end, and part of the reason for that may be that they think John Phillips can handle the job. "He's a guy you can count on," Romo says, according to Todd Archer.

At least one analyst thinks the quality of the players the Cowboys have backing up their starters at key positions -- including quarterback, running back and cornerback -- makes their roster one of the deepest in the entire league.

Philadelphia Eagles (Michael Vick, 222)

Jeremy Maclin and teammates past and present are coaching kids this week at his annual football camp, which is a pretty cool event and benefits a foundation that's extremely close to Maclin's heart.

Vick's speech to the incoming rookies at the NFL Rookie Symposium was apparently entitled, "Are you bigger than the game?" I'm thinking I know which answer they were supposed to come up with.

Washington Redskins (Rex Grossman, 141)

Robert Griffin III has apparently been the target of an extortion plot by a former Baylor basketball player who has some "derogatory information" about RG3 and wanted money in exchange for not making it public. Price of fame, sadly, and the shame of it is I'm curious. Aren't you?

Brian Orakpo says it's been fun to be around the Redskins this offseason because of the "buzz" surrounding Griffin. He also says he's been dead-on with the statistical goals he's set for himself since he entered the league, which makes me want to look at this year's list ahead of time.