Breakfast links: RG3 to host camp in Waco

On the final day of fantasy week here on the NFC East blog, our links are presented in order of fewest fantasy points allowed by each team to opposing quarterbacks in 2011.

Philadelphia Eagles (219)

Jason La Canfora lists Jason Babin's contract as one of the best in the NFL (from the team's vantage point), and Bleeding Green Nation uses this list to make the point that only Nnamdi Asomugha among last year's flurry of free-agent signings got a cumbersome contract. They certainly got a lot of production out of the Babin and Cullen Jenkins deals in year one, and neither cripples them long-term.

The Eagles' team site is (as you might expect) raving about the depth and quality of the team's wide receiving corps. I'm down with the idea of Jeremy Maclin having a big year, and I think DeSean Jackson will play better than he did last year. But I don't agree that Jackson will have the best season of his career, because I don't think he's going to return punts as much as he used to. And as for the depth... meh. But that's just my opinion, since it's my blog.

Washington Redskins (233)

Rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III will host teammates for a passing camp, as he said he would, and it'll be in Waco, Texas, which I understand is lovely this time of year. Like, coal oven-lovely. RG3 says the camp might be in more attractive locations in future years, but he's still got his place in Waco, so it works out.

Rich Tandler, figuring the Redskins keep six wide receivers, is picking Aldrick Robinson to make the team over Brandon Banks, who was the team's kick and punt returner last year but has been told he'll need to make the team as a receiver this year. That would raise the question of who returns the kicks and the punts, but I don't know. Maybe Robinson?

Dallas Cowboys (241)

DeMarcus Ware finished sixth on that top 100 list you guys all like so much. He was the second-highest ranked defensive player, just one spot behind Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis. Again, the players vote on this, so it's not something I can really explain. But I'd have to think Ware would be pretty happy with that ranking.

Blogging the Boys wonders what the offense will look like with John Phillips as the No. 2 tight end, thinks back to the 2010 preseason and concludes that it might, possibly, be pretty good.

New York Giants (261)

Chris Canty says his knee is feeling good and he expects to be cleared by doctors in time for training camp. He also thinks this year's Giants defense will be better than last year's. As we've discussed, they look better at linebacker, and I think Marvin Austin could be a factor in the middle of that defensive line. I guess the key is Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck being healthy all year, and if that happens the defense could be better, sure. And the bar isn't that high, remember. Until Week 16, the Giants' defense was statistically one of the worst in the league last year.

Chris Burke is skeptical of the Giants' chances to repeat as Super Bowl champions. I mean, come on. Can you believe this guy? What a preposterous thing to even suggest.