Dallas Cowboys: In or out?

So there's this series running on our networks called "5 In, 5 Out," and it's based on the fact that, in each of the last 16 NFL seasons, at least five teams have qualified for the playoffs that did not qualify the season before. This week, they're examining five teams that didn't make the playoffs last year and discussing whether they will this year. Next week, they'll look at five teams that did make the playoffs last year and discuss whether they will this year.

Thursday's edition was on the Dallas Cowboys, who you may remember did not make the playoffs last year. Merril Hoge thinks they will make it this year. He says a couple of things have to change -- specifically, Tony Romo needs to make more second-half adjustments to counter those of opposing defenses, and obviously the Cowboys' defense must play better. But he thinks they will, and that the Cowboys get in this year's playoffs.

Tedy Bruschi has the Cowboys "out." While he allows that they will improve, he thinks the Giants and Eagles will improve as well and be strong enough to keep Dallas out.

Me? Oh, you know I don't do predictions in June. Or July, for that matter, in case you were going to ask. But watch the video. Fun stuff. The Eagles get their turn Friday.