Breakfast links: Fred 'Matlock' Davis

Welcome to the first week of July on the NFC East blog. This is a special week for a couple of reasons. One, there's a holiday right smack in the middle of it. And two, it's the last week before I go on vacation. But more on that later. Much more. Meantime, backwards links:

Washington Redskins

John Keim checks in on Chase Minnifield, the undrafted Redskins cornerback who was the surprise star of the June minicamp. The Redskins feel the guy would have been drafted on the second night if not for his knee injury. Now, their hope is that the knee injury is in the past to stay.

The details of the Fred Davis lawsuit are absolutely hysterical. It has nothing at all to do with football, but it's a bizarre look inside the life of the Redskins' tight end, and the coverage includes one of the least necessary qualifiers in the history of journalism: "Davis has no formal legal training."

Philadelphia Eagles

DeSean Jackson ran his own youth football camp over the weekend, and I like the image of Jackson's agent Drew Rosenhaus wearing a "STAFF" T-shirt but spending the whole time talking on the phone. Jackson and Rosenhaus say he's more focused now with his contract issues settled. We shall see, right?

A couple of Philadelphia sportswriters had a debate about which Eagles receiver will have the better career -- Jackson or Jeremy Maclin. It's a good debate, but I think the vital thing to remember is that Jackson is (and likely will continue to be) a difficult player with whom to compare others. He is used differently than a lot of top wide receivers are, where Maclin fits the more traditional profile of the No. 1 wideout.

New York Giants

Adrian Tracy is switching from linebacker to defensive end, which is a position he played early in his college career, and he's making the wise decision to pay extra attention to the versatile Mathias Kiwanuka as he makes the transition.

All Tom Coughlin wanted when he threw out the ceremonial first pitch before Saturday's Yankees game was for the ball not to bounce. He pulled it off.

Dallas Cowboys

Calvin Watkins is wondering if an NFL team in Los Angeles would force the Cowboys to have to change their training camp routine. Their Oxnard, Calif., camp is about 90 minutes away from L.A., and it's possible that whatever team ended up in L.A. wouldn't want one of the most popular teams in the league taking an annual summer bite out of their market.

DeMarcus Ware agrees with Jared Allen that a 25-sack season is possible, and he returned Allen's compliment by saying that Allen is one of the guys who could attain that mark, along with Ware himself.