Schefter thinks Andy Reid's job is safe

So I was looking through Adam Schefter's latest mailbagInsider, which is an Insider piece, and I was thinking, "Do I really want to link to two Insider pieces in one day?" And then I thought, "Well, there's almost nothing going on at all, and last week I did like 25 fantasy posts." And then I thought, "Yeah, it's Schefter, and it's about Andy Reid's job security as coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, so why not?"

Adam takes a question about the importance of this Eagles season from a guy named Brett in Florida, who asks if the Eagles could hire Bill Cowher to replace Reid. Adam thinks not, and in fact does so far as to say he doesn't think Reid will ever be fired as Eagles coach:

My belief is that Reid will stay on in that job as long as he wants. Jeffrey Lurie will not fire him. When the time comes for Reid to go, whenever that is, it will be because he opts to go.

I put a fair amount of stock into what Adam says, so I'm going to leave it at that. Obviously, none of us can see the future, and who knows what would happen if the Eagles had a disastrous year? But Adam's point is a bigger-picture one about Lurie and the Eagles liking the fact that Reid is their coach and wanting to keep him. That matters. It's actually all that matters, really.

There's also stuff in there about the Redskins' wide receivers, so you know, if you don't have the Insider access, I really think you need to go sign up. But that's just me.