The last-chance chat

It is Tuesday, and on my street that means they come and pick up the garbage. On this blog, it means we have our regularly scheduled live chat at noon ET. It's a remarkably simple procedure. You just click on these little blue letters right here anytime between noon and 1 p.m. ET and you are magically whisked away into our chat room, which is nothing like the place the judge took Jason Stackhouse and the Andy Bellefleur the other night on "True Blood." But it is a fun and occasionally educational place where we enjoy discussing the Cowboys, Giants, Eagles and Redskins once a week.

Thing about this week is, we're not doing the video mailbag on Wednesday, since Wednesday's a national holiday and I have grill duty. And we're not doing either chat next week, since I'll be on vacation next week and paying no attention to this blog whatsoever. So if you were thinking, "Well, I'd like to ask Dan a question but I figure I can just do it on the video mailbag Wednesday or in the regular chat next Tuesday," don't, because you can't. Show up today, and ask it today. Seriously, tomorrow's a holiday. You know your mind's not on your job. I promise I won't tell.