Breakfast links: Orakpo's next step

We'll get to the Toomer foolishness later this morning, I promise. Meantime, Friday links.

Dallas Cowboys

Pro Football Focus rates Jason Hatcher among the top five pass-rushing interior defensive linemen in the NFL, which is nice for Hatcher and an indicator that he's a more productive player than most people realize. It does come with some qualifiers, not the least of which is that Hatcher, as a 3-4 defensive end, is being graded against 4-3 defensive tackles as well as other 3-4 ends. But as we continue to study it, the issue with the Cowboys' pass rush appears to be that it just doesn't get as many sacks as do its division rivals in Philadelphia and New York.

Bryan Broaddus breaks down three interesting candidates for the supplemental draft, including former Baylor wide receiver Josh Gordon. I still say Gordon looks like a guy on whom the Cowboys will pass, but you never know. He's got talent at a position where they have a need.

Washington Redskins

What does Brian Orakpo have to do in order to take the next step and become one of the great pass-rushers in the NFL? Rich Tandler takes a look. I agree with Rich (second day in a row, I think) that Orakpo moving from very good to great is something that needs to happen for the Redskins in 2012.

Aldrick Robinson's review of the passing camp Robert Griffin III ran recently in Waco indicates that everybody was getting along and that the time was well spent. Also, we learn of Griffin that he "bowls hard." For some reason, Jesus Quintana, the character John Turturro plays in "The Big Lebowski" was the first image that flashed through my mind when I read that part.

Philadelphia Eagles

Les Bowen muses on the potential meaning of the Lurie divorce to the operations of the Eagles, and suggests that Eagles fans should count themselves fortunate if a uniform color change is the most dramatic change.

Michael Vick likes throwing the ball deep, and he apparently does it as accurately as anyone in the league outside of Drew Brees. This isn't exactly news, but I'm interested to see if the deep passing game comes back for the Eagles this year. DeSean Jackson was a guy who held the safeties back for much of the 2011 season, and he's got to make some plays downfield if this is to be the offense it can be.

New York Giants

Ohm Youngmisuk put David Wilson in his offseason spotlight Thursday and took a look at the rookie first-rounder's chances to make an impact as a backup running back in 2012. I think Ohm puts it well when he says, "The Giants like Wilson's potential but it will likely come down to who they trust, as is often the case," and names D.J. Ware as the favorite. But the Giants' roster is a meritocracy, as you're sick of hearing me say, and if Wilson outperforms Ware he can get the spot.

The Giants and Jets are annoyed about that insanely ugly construction project that's just kind of been sitting there at the Meadowlands for a number of years now, which makes them a lot like the rest of us who live in New Jersey. And Gov. Chris Christie is annoyed with the teams for being annoyed, which is how Christie rolls. All I know is the thing's ugly and was supposed to be open quite some time ago.