Programming note: NFL Live talks Giants

So, NFL Live has been doing this series the past couple of weeks called "Five in, Five out." The premise is that, in each of the last 16 NFL seasons, there have been at least five teams that made the playoffs after missing it the year before. (And, conversely, at least five teams that missed the playoffs after making it the year before.) Last week, they chose five teams (one per day) that missed last year's playoff field and examined those teams' chances to make it this year. The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles were among the teams discussed.

This week, they chose five teams that made last year's playoffs and are examining those teams' chances to make it again this coming season. So far this week they've done the Broncos, Bengals, Falcons and Lions, and on today's 4 pm ET show, they will discuss the playoff chances of the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants, who won the NFC East last season with a 9-7 record, one game ahead of both the Cowboys and Eagles. We'll find out whether the panel thinks the Giants even make it back into the field this season.

The main reason you should watch, however, is that I'll be on for part of the show, joining via Skype to offer whatever it is that I can bring to the proceedings. And I know how much you guys all like to see me, so you can yell your critiques right at my face. I'm going to go shave now so I'll look presentable. See you sometime after 4 p.m. Well, no, I won't see you. But you'll see me.