Giants are actually lucky

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Giants win the overtime coin toss and will get the ball first. That was brilliant work by Carson Palmer to lead his team down the field, but I haven't heard anyone point out how poor the clock management was at the end of regulation. It's third-and-1 with 28 seconds left, and Palmer delivers the ball with about seven seconds left. You're already in field goal range. How do you not have a quick play designed at the sideline? And if you get a quick first down, then you could throw it in the end zone at least once.

In other clock management news, that Aaron Ross injury hurt the Giants big time. If your shoulder's hurt, you need to drag yourself off the field. That play saved the Bengals a timeout, which they used to set up the final field goal.

If memory serves correct, the team that has the ball first in overtime wins 53 percent of the time.