Clayton on Cowboys' WR hunt

In John Clayton's latest mailbag, a reader asks him whether the Dallas Cowboys need to be looking for a veteran wide receiver due to Dez Bryant's recent arrest. This is John's answer:

The answer is yes but they don't have to move quickly. If Bryant is suspended, the Cowboys would be devastated at wide receiver. It's the same thing if Austin suffers an injury. They have only two legitimate wide receivers unless you believe totally in Kevin Ogletree. That said, I think they will be wide receiver shopping during camp. Laurent Robinson was the perfect No. 3 wide receiver, but he snagged more than $6 million a year from the Jaguars this offseason. The Cowboys need to find another Laurent Robinson.

I think John has it right. Just because Bryant is a question mark due to potential suspension doesn't change the fact that the Cowboys shouldn't have outbid the Jaguars for Robinson. They plucked Robinson off the wide receiver scrap heap last summer, and he became one of the surprise stories of the year. Now, what's more likely? That Robinson was 11 free touchdown catches sitting in the bargain bin waiting for some lucky team to snatch him up? Or that Tony Romo and the Cowboys' offense got the best of of a talented guy who hadn't yet shown what he could do?

I'm thinking the second thing is more likely. It's important to note that no one the Cowboys get at this point is likely to be a sufficient replacement for Bryant, who creates a physical mismatch against pretty much any defensive back in the league. But whether this year's Robinson is already on the roster or in the free-agent leftover bin, I imagine the Cowboys will trust Romo and Jason Garrett to get the best out of whoever it is.