A very good read on Robert Griffin III

This posted online late last week and ran in Sunday's editions of The Washington Post, but if you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you take the time to read Dave Sheinin's story on Robert Griffin III. The Post has assigned Dave to kind of follow Griffin around and periodically chronicle his first season in the NFL, and this entry is chock full of fun details about Griffin's journey from college star to Washington Redskins rookie. He opens with the story of Griffin taking off his sweatshirt during a dinner with Redskins' team officials the night before his pro day to reveal a Redskins T-shirt underneath:

"I wanted to show them where my mind was, where my heart was," he said later. "I knew my pro day was going to go extremely well, [but] I didn't want to make [the Colts] want me. I wasn't going to play that game."

Sheinin does an excellent job of showing you what's been going through Griffin's mind for the past few months, from his stated and obvious desire to play for the Redskins to his plans to try and live off of his endorsement money in his first year. If you can't get enough of RG3, this is the story for you. Block out some time. It's worth it.