Chat wrap: David Wilson's potential

As we do each Tuesday, we chatted. It was fun. Nobody got too far out of line or anything like that. Weech seemed a little worked up that I wasn't answering enough of his questions, but someone always is. Check it out here if you missed it, and I'll go ahead and throw you some highlights:

Chris (Giants Land, NJ): I would love to know what kind of potential you think David Wilson has. Obviously his speed is a good thing but that doesn't necessarily make him a good back.If he turns out to be a gem do you think they add back-flips to the combine?

Dan Graziano: Wilson has enough speed that his potential is through the roof. Like anyone else, though, he'll only reach it if he identifies and works on the areas in which he's not great, and those include pass protection from what I understand.

Dave (Dallas): I can't understand why the Cowboys won't move Jay Ratliff to DE. He has been beaten down in the middle in recent years, especially towards the end of the season.

DG: They believe the advantage he gives them as an interior pass rusher is too important. Their plan is to spell him a bit if Josh Brent can handle it and maybe get him off the field on first and second downs some, to help keep him fresh.

Mark (Rochester, NY): Dan, I think you do a great job regardless of what these whiny Giants fans say about you. It seems like Jarvis Jenkins and Adam Carriker are fighting for the starting spot. Both players are solid. Who do you think wins that battle? Is there anyway they could both be on the field at the same time?

DG: Yeah, I don't agree that they're fighting for a spot. I think they rotate with Stephen Bowen throughout games and the season, along with maybe some others. Keep everybody fresh. "Starter" is just a word.

David (Halifax): Does Joselio Hanson make the Eagles roster? He's a pretty good nickel corner but doesnt really do anything else.

DG: Brandon Boykin has a shot to unseat him in that nickel corner spot, and if that happens, yeah, you could see Hanson getting cut. Remember, he sort of got cut last year and then immediately brought back. He's no sure thing.

Cambro (Lebanon, Pa.): When you visit training camps, will you be in media circles or will you be walking around with the fans?

DG: I will be in the media areas, but I did get to meet several fans last year at Redskins camp and would welcome the chance to meet more fans there and other places. If you see me watching practice, please do not be afraid to say hello.

Chat comes to you live next week from Redskins training camp in Ashburn, Va. Be there.