Victor Cruz is everywhere

All right, well, maybe not everywhere, but I found New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz popping up in several place on ESPN.com on Wednesday night. First, he's featured in the fantasy guys' latest installment of "decision makers," which poses the question of whether he and the Packers' Jordy Nelson are 2012 candidates to crash back to earth. The answer is a resounding "no," and the reasons are many:

When assessing whether or not a receiver can repeat surprising numbers, the factors most important to consider are age, health, quarterback, fellow WR teammates and offensive system from one year to the next. Both of these players get a high score in all of these categories.

Yepper. The main reason people are worried about Cruz's fantasy numbers dropping off is that they may have been inflated by five touchdown catches longer than 65 yards. But (a) the Giants aren't going to stop throwing deep, (b) Cruz is a monster after the catch and (c) the league I play in awards big bonus points for long touchdowns. Ka-ching. There are plenty of fantasy wide receivers about whom you can say worse things than, "He catches too many really long touchdown passes."

Cruz is also featured in ESPN The Magazine's fantasy issue (whose cover is, as you would expect, a photo of Arian Foster and with a unicorn). This feature looks at the cool, composed, down-to-earth phenomenon of Cruz, who has become a big star but is taking it all in stride. I enjoyed reading it, and if you're wondering whether stardom might go to this young man's head, it's worth a read to help convince you it probably will not.