Chat alert: Possible delay today

ASHBURN, Va. -- So here's the deal with today's chat. It will go on, but it might not start on time. I'm at Washington Redskins training camp. They have a morning walk-through at 10:40 am ET, and we get player interviews after that's over. Same schedule as Monday, and I paid extra-special attention Monday so I could fill you in on what was likely to happen today. On Monday, I was back at my computer in the media workroom at 12:12 pm ET. So it's possible I could get back by noon, which is the regular start time, or else I will be a few minutes late because I'm talking to Brian Orakpo or someone like that in the hopes of better educating you, my fine readers, about the Redskins.

Regardless, you should click on these little blue letters right here sometime in that noon ET hour and come ask me a question about the Cowboys, Giants, Eagles or Redskins. We'll have some fun, I promise. Whenever it gets started.