Breakfast links: Hope for Terrell Thomas?

BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- So yeah, I will be heading home tonight to spend a few days with the family before jetting off to Oxnard on Sunday to see the Cowboys. But before I go, I have another fun and productive day planned at Eagles camp. We also have Redskins Camp Confidential running this morning, and believe it or not I still have more in the notebook from my time with the Giants in Albany last week. I am out here cranking it up for you guys, and I'm having fun doing it. Now, before I head out there today, what should I have? Bacon? Ham? Corned beef hash? Oh no, that's right. I almost forgot. Links.

Washington Redskins

John Keim writes that "the Redskins have a running game; they just don't have their running back," and he goes on to explain that in a way that makes sense and takes a look at the various strengths and weaknesses of the backs in the mix to be Washington's starter. I'm thinking the preseason games help everyone sort this all out.

The players in the mix at the safety position for the Redskins all have something in common -- they're all trying, in some way or another, to recover from some past trouble or resurrect their careers.

Dallas Cowboys

Since it was a day that ended in "Y," Jerry Jones had something to say, and this time he was talking about Dez Bryant. While the Cowboys organization has said several times that it's supporting Bryant in spite of his recent arrest on family violence charges, Jones has been making it clear the past couple of days that he's mad at Bryant for getting in trouble again and that his patience won't last forever. Tough love, I think this is called. Or something.

Running back DeMarco Murray says it's "definitely unacceptable" that the Cowboys only had five rushing touchdowns last year. It suffices to say that Murray will seek to raise that number in 2012.

New York Giants

Our Adam Schefter reports that injured Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas may yet be able to play again this season. Adam says the doctors who have seen Thomas so far don't think his ACL is torn again. He's going to have Dr. James Andrews look at it next week, and obviously everybody's hoping for the best. But the Giants haven't been speaking optimistically about this at all, and they announced it not as a knee injury, but as an ACL injury when they put out a release on it Monday night. So we'll see.

With Thomas (and many other Giants cornerbacks) out last year, safety Antrel Rolle had to move up and serve as the team's nickel cornerback. Rolle has said he's been looking forward to leaving that behind and just playing safety this year. And even if Thomas' injury isn't as severe as it first appeared, they may not need Rolle to do that again this year. But it remains a possibility.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles do have a ton of depth on the defensive line, but it's unlikely they wanted to test that out as much as the first two weeks of training camp have. Projected starters Trent Cole and Cullen Jenkins have joined projected starters Mike Patterson and Jason Babin on the sideline due to injuries now, and while none of the injuries (other than Patterson's situation, which is that he's still recovering from brain surgery) appear to be long-term or serious, it's startling to think that all four defensive line starters are already hurt. It's also pretty startling, though in the other direction, to realize that two of their replacements are first-round picks.

Mat McBriar was at practice Wednesday, and he talked about his situation last year in Dallas and why he wanted to come to the Eagles. McBriar has a good chance to beat out Chas Henry and be the Eagles' punter this year if his foot can get healthy.