Rapid Halftime Reaction

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- So what do we make of that first half? Some of us prepared ourselves for a shootout, but the main action has occurred between kickers Mason Crosby and Nick Folk.

It's not like either team is having trouble moving the ball, but things are slowing down in the red zone. Now in his third year as the starter, Tony Romo still struggles to secure the ball. On that last possession, he knew he was about to get sacked, but he waved the ball around anyway. And the interception in the end zone was simply careless.

Tight end Jason Witten was surrounded by Packers, but Romo fired it in there ayway. That's not a chance you need to take. In this type of game, it looks like points will be precious. I sometimes feel like this offense gets a little too proud of itself. There's the mentality that you can make up for mistakes later because of the prolific numbers you've been able to post.

Romo should thank T.O. for racing after Nick Collins and preventing a touchdown. As I mentioned earlier, he also did a great of running in front of Felix Jones during his 60-yard touchdown run. He sealed off the sideline. That play is obviously the difference in this game right now.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was hot early, but now he's struggling in the face of the Cowboys' pressure. He's managed to escape Greg Ellis twice, but he can't keep running for his life.

For the Packers, Aaron Kampman has two sacks, but you can't pin either one on Cowboys right tackle Marc Colombo. Both of them were coverage sacks. But you have to admire Kampman's motor. He's been relentless. Remember that the Cowboys deferred to the second half on the kickoff. Look for them to try to wear down the Packers with Barber early in the half and then let Jones finish them off.

Looks like Charles Woodson is covering T.O. one-on-one quite a bit. I wouldn't be surprised to see a fly pattern early on the first series.