How about Chris Cooley at fullback?

In all of our discussions on this blog about tight end Chris Cooley's chances to make the Washington Redskins' roster, this has yet to come up. But apparently, with Darrel Young sitting out with a hamstring injury, Cooley's going to see some reps at fullback in the Redskins' preseason opener Thursday night. Per Rich Campbell:

"As far as getting the blocks done, I've never had a problem getting the blocks done out of the backfield," Cooley said after Monday's walkthrough. "Would you ever look at me as a punishing, Mike Sellers-, Darrel Young-type of blocker? No, but I'll get the block in the hole and I'm gonna get my hat on the linebacker and the running backs always have a chance to make a cut."

Remember what we've said all along. Cooley likely has to do three things to make the team: 1) Prove he's healthy, 2) Be willing to accept a lesser role than he's had in the past, and 3) Probably take a pay cut. Given Cooley's sincere devotion to the Redskins -- which is what Redskins fans love so much about him -- Nos. 2 and 3 shouldn't be a problem. A willingness to play fullback shows both that Cooley is aware that he must be willing to be flexible about his role and that he's legitimately up for anything that helps the team. And so far so good on the health thing, which in the end is probably going to be what makes the decision.