Reid says son Garrett 'lost his battle'

Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid released a statement Monday on the death of his oldest son, Garrett. The full, heart-wrenching text of the statement can be found here. It's well-known that Garrett Reid struggled with substance abuse problems during his life, but to this point there has been no official determination made public regarding the cause of his death. There is one part of Andy Reid's statement, however, that suggests it was substance abuse related:

Garrett's road through life was not always an easy one. He faced tremendous personal challenges with bravery and spirit. As a family, we stood by him and were inspired as he worked to overcome those challenges. Even though he lost the battle that has been ongoing for the last eight years, we will always remember him as a fighter who had a huge, loving heart.

Again, the full statement brings you close to tears, and the only reason to even do a post like this is because there appears to be a consensus that there's some degree of news value in the suggestion that Garrett Reid's death was somehow tied to his problems with drugs. Personally, I don't mind if we never find out anything else about it. Garrett Reid was a private citizen, and I'm more than willing to keep my nose out of the Reid family's business as they try to fight their way through an impossibly tough time. As I've already written more than once, I wish Andy Reid and his family any kind of peace they might be able to find, and my sincerest condolences.