Chat wrap: Eagles' run game without Peters

We took the chat out west with us. It held up find. Had to cut it short so I could shoot that video thing I blogged about earlier and then get over to Oxnard to watch big men bump into each other for a few hours. Oh, Oxnard, how I miss you. I haven't even landed yet and I know the humidity is just going to be... well, you don't care. We chatted. It was fun. If you missed it, go run four laps and then come back and read this recap.

Justin (Monterey, CA): In your opinion, would the Dallas Cowboys be in better shape right now with David DeCastro instead of Morris Claiborne? (not to mention we'd have a second rounder as well)

Dan Graziano: See, the way I look at it, they could have had Fletcher Cox in the first round and Peter Konz in the second and would be better off. But they loved Claiborne and decided he was worth their first two picks. I disagreed with the move, even though I think Claiborne will be a good player.

Luigi (NYC): Does the new leaner faster Mark Herzlich have any shot of being the New York Giants' opening day starting middle linebacker?

DG: I still think playoff/Super Bowl hero Chase Blackburn is going to get plenty of rope, and may have to do something to lose the job. But Herzlich's a comer, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him there midseason.

Bobby (MD): When you were at Redskins camp, did you come away with the impression that they're making significant adjustments to their offense given the new personnel or will it be different people running the same plays?

DG: They were running a dizzying number and variety of plays, many of which were new this year, including option and pistol stuff. But when I asked Mike Shanahan about it, he said his plan was to throw everything they could at Robert Griffin III and see what he's handling the best, then narrow the offense down to that stuff and put the rest to the side for next year.

Jake (Death Star Command Centre): How's the O-line look in Lehigh? Are we going to see LeSean McCoy take a step back this year without Jason Peters?

DG: I think they'll have to change some things. They ran left a lot last year and McCoy got big yards around the edge because of Peters' work. Might not be able to count on as much of that this year, but the development of Danny Watkins at guard could help them run more inside than they did last year.

I dug the Canadian Death Star reference, of course. And I promise we'll go the full hour next week. Back on the east coast, everything will be much easier.