Video: Schefter on this Burress foolishness

The big question of the day was whether the Dallas Cowboys would or should sign free-agent wide receiver Plaxico Burress. This all sprouted from an ESPNDallas.com report Thursday that said the team had had "preliminary discussions" with Burress' agent. Adam Schefter addressed this on SportsCenter, and while he did allow that he's surprised that Burress hasn't signed anywhere yet, he said, "it would be an even bigger surprise if he ended up in Dallas with the Cowboys. The Cowboys are trying to groom their young wide receivers, and if they wanted to sign Plaxico Burress, they probably would have done it by now."

So there you go. If you don't believe me, believe Adam. Burress isn't what the Cowboys are about right now. As you know from reading Camp Confidential earlier today (as I'm sure you all did), the Cowboys are trying to build their football program for the future. Burress isn't a good enough player at this point in his career that it's worth (a) the baggage he brings or (b) costing the young receivers reps and setting back their development another year. The Cowboys will be fine without Burress, and even if they do have an injury to Miles Austin or Dez Bryant, there's nothing in Burress' recent history to indicate he'd be a significantly better option that Kevin Ogletree or anyone else the Cowboys currently have. I'm sorry. I know he's a big name, but this isn't 2006.

If I were Burress and his agent, I would also be surprised and disappointed that Randy Moss and Terrell Owens have been able to get jobs and I haven't. And if Burress' agent is trying to drum up interest in his client, good for him. That's his job. But like Adam, I would be surprised if the Cowboys reciprocated his interest. And I think they're wise not to.