Final thoughts from Green Bay

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Looks like we're first for takeoff since this is currently the only aircraft on the Central Wisconsin Airport tarmac. I'll be brief.

The Cowboys won Sunday night's game because they kept forcing Green Bay to kick field goals when the game was close. Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings picked up a lot of yards early, but the Packers kept stalling inside the red zone.

"I'm most proud of the fact that we were turning sevens into threes," said linebacker Bradie James. "We were also able to stop the run and turn our ends loose."

I also asked James about how important the 3-0 start is.

"It's big," he said. "But it's like eating an elephant. You have to eat it one bite at a time."

I thought this was the case with most mammals, but I didn't follow up. I also had a good visit with quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson, who almost gets lost in the Jason Garrett lovefest that has enraptured Dallas and the surrounding communities.

He acknowledged that Tony Romo made a couple of poor plays in the first half, but said it was Romo's ability to immediately forget that set him apart. Taking off!