Breakfast links: Witten injury 'very serious'

Good morning. Hope everyone made it through those nasty northeast storms okay. Kids thought the lightning was awesome. Wife, not so much. But it's all good. Kids like the links, too.

Washington Redskins

Jammal Brown continues to seek a treatment that will help him get back on the field quickly and avoid surgery. But the Redskins' right tackle isn't having a lot of luck fixing that troublesome hip of his. And until he's 100 percent reliably healthy, the Redskins are likely to go with others at the position. Read into that what you will with regard to Brown and his chances of making the roster.

You've likely heard of the league-wide trend of teams transitioning to the use of iPads to replace the old, traditional, clunky playbooks. Stephen Whyno takes a look at what life is like among the Redskins with that new technology. Makes nothing but sense to me. I have to believe textbooks are on their way out, too, for the same reason. You know, those things so many of you should be reading all day while you're on here instead?

Dallas Cowboys

Jason Garrett called Jason Witten's spleen injury "very serious," and that Witten would have to be "still and idle" for a week to 10 days. And while he would not entertain questions about Witten's availability for the season opener 20 days from now, Garrett did say Witten would miss the remainder of the preseason. Which, again, certainly calls into question his ability to play in a real game one week after the final preseason game.

The good news out of Cowboys camp is that rookie cornerback Morris Claiborne is expected to play in Saturday's preseason game against the Chargers. Claiborne missed the preseason opener with a knee injury, and the Cowboys are eager to see what their first-round pick has to offer in live action.

New York Giants

The Giants like to use Kenny Phillips deep, where he's as good as anyone in the league. Phillips says he'd like to move up a bit every now and then, maybe snag a couple more interceptions, show he's good at more than just that center-field role. Coincidentally, Phillips is in the final year of his contract, and interception numbers can make a free-agent safety look good. I'm not saying, I'm just saying. There's little reason for me to believe the Giants have any interest in changing Phillips' role in their defense, where he's one of the most important and reliable pieces.

For all of the excitement about first-round pick David Wilson, it's worth remembering that he's still behind veteran D.J. Ware in line for carries and the role of Ahmad Bradshaw's backup. Ware looks good so far in camp, even if there are still a few things he needs to work on if he wants to hold off the rookie and secure that job.

Philadelphia Eagles

Les Bowen has a breakdown of the decisions looming about the Eagles' 53-man roster. And with Cedric Thornton and Phillip Hunt both making the case to stay, there's a feeling developing that the final defensive line spot could come down to Antonio Dixon versus Darryl Tapp. If that happens, it could make sense for them to try to trade Tapp and his $2.6 million salary. Long way to go yet, of course.

Oh, and if there's one team in the league you're 100 percent sure would be intrigued about the idea of an Olympic sprinter that was interested in playing in the NFL, which team would it be? Yeah, that's right.