Redskins' Morris used to O-line issues

You know I don't like to go a day without a post on Washington Redskins running backs, and I found this John Keim note on rookie Alfred Morris interesting. It's about the fact that Morris played behind a bad offensive line in college at Florida Atlantic, so the struggles the Redskins are having with their line aren't new or odd to him:

What Morris went through at Florida Atlantic has made him a good one-cut runner, and a nice fit in the stretch zone system. In his last two years in college his line struggled, forcing Morris to make fast decisions in the backfield.

That lesson paid off in one run vs. Buffalo in which pressure came off the edge.

"It happened so fast I was like, 'Whoa.' It was probably the fastest it's happened since I've been here," Morris said. "I thought he would hit me as soon as I got the ball, but I planted my foot and got north and south right away."

That's why they like him, and why you can't rule out Morris when you're projecting carries for Redskins running backs this year. With Tim Hightower and Roy Helu injured, it appears that Evan Royster and Morris will get the carries in Saturday's preseason game. Morris will have more than his fair share of a chance to show not only that he belongs on the roster but that he could be the starting running back at some point this year if need be.