NFC East fantasy tidbits

Our man Matthew Berry has his latest fantasy football column up, and it's 10 lists of 10. Here are some NFC East-related snippets from it, and my thoughts on each:

Last season, when DeMarco Murray got 20-plus carries, the Cowboys were 5-0. When he got fewer or didn't play? They were 3-8.

My take: Those who are still expecting a timeshare between Murray and Felix Jones aren't paying attention. If Murray's healthy, he is the running back in Dallas. The offense works best with him carrying the load, and I would expect Jones to be used only as an injury replacement or to give Murray a breather.

Last year, Mario Manningham had 12 red zone targets. And Jake Ballard had 13 red zone targets, tied for the team lead with Hakeem Nicks. What if a majority of those red zone targets go to Martellus Bennett?

My take: A very interesting point. While the Giants don't throw to their tight ends as much as some other teams do these days, they do seem to like going to them in the red zone. The thing to remember, though, is that Bennett must show he can run his routes and catch the passes thrown to him, or Eli Manning will look elsewhere. (He does have quite a few good options, even with Manningham and Ballard gone.) Route-running and pass-catching were Bennett's problems in Dallas, and Giants GM Jerry Reese has said Bennett was brought in mainly to help as a run-blocker. So don't assume he becomes the new Ballard. It would be a surprise and a bonus.

Evan Royster, Redskins (16th round): At some point this year, he will start. The question is ... will you have the guts to start him, too? By the way, don't be shocked if Alfred Morris gets a start. It's Mike Shanahan.

My take: Matthew reads my stuff! I am flattered.