Breakfast links: Rookie QB showdown

Week two of the preseason is in the books, which mercifully means only two more weeks of meaningless games and breathless overreaction to go. Then we can get to the regular season, where the overreaction really gets worthwhile. Gonna have to load up on links.

Washington Redskins

I don't know if you've heard, but this weekend's Redskins game is against the Colts, who took Andrew Luck with the first pick of the draft in April right before the Redskins took Robert Griffin III with the second. Obviously, for theater's sake, we're all hoping both guys play and we can make all kinds of wild conclusions about which one is going to have the better 18-year career.

One of the things Griffin is learning, John Keim writes, is how to balance his ability to extend plays with the need to make decisions very quickly at the NFL level.

Dallas Cowboys

The news on Dez Bryant's knee injury was positive. The Cowboys' third-year wide receiver has tendinitis, and no ligament or tendon damage, and needs rest. In the interim, backup wide receivers will continue to get more of an opportunity to show their stuff, and the Cowboys will hope that Bryant and Miles Austin will come back in time for the regular season.

One of those backup receivers is fifth-round pick Danny Coale, who's been slowed by his own injury issues since the spring but has seen his workload increase this week as coaches try to find out what he has to contribute to the mix.

New York Giants

Rookie running back David Wilson got his turn with the first-team offense Monday, which may or may not mean much about whether he's moving up the depth chart in the race to be Ahmad Bradshaw's backup. Bradshaw has a hand injury, remember, so someone had to get his reps. Wilson has been told he needs to improve his pass blocking if he wants more reps, and that's what he's working on. We all know he can run.

Fullback Henry Hynoski wouldn't mind getting more carries. I don't know what his chances are of getting his wish, but I will say I think they plan to feature him as a receiver out of the backfield a little bit this season. He's shown that ability, and they're still not sure what they'll get out of their tight ends as receivers this year.

Philadelphia Eagles

Les Bowen is correct that nothing mattered Monday night for the Eagles other than the Michael Vick injury. That won't be the case once the regular season starts and the standings are based on the team's performance and the results. But for now, in this preseason, Vick's health has become a paramount issue for the Eagles. Les also reports that guard Evan Mathis took the blame for missing the block that resulted in Vick getting hit.

Zac Berman broke down the Monday-night performance of Eagles rookie quarterback Nick Foles, who may have bolstered his chances of ascending to the role of Vick's backup.