Clayton's QB ranks: Three NFC East 'elites'

John Clayton is a brave, brave man. As he does every year about this time, John has ranked all 32 NFL quarterbacks and put the rankings out there in public for everyone to get angry about. I commend him, and don't blame him if he decides not to come out of his house for a few weeks.

Here's how our guys did:

5. Eli Manning, New York Giants

8. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

9. Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles

25. Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins

Some notes:

  • He has Manning ranked behind Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger, and he explains that he gives Roethlisberger the edge "based on his extra trip to the Super Bowl." Fair enough tiebreaker, I guess, though I take Manning over Big Ben, personally. And I continue to find it interesting that Eli ranks ahead of big brother Peyton Manning in all of these surveys this year. How quickly we all forget, huh?

  • Romo ranks right behind Philip Rivers, which again is a matter of taste. I'd probably have flipped them. But John's point about Romo ("When will people get off his back?") is the important one. He's considerably better than his widespread reputation would have you believe, and he belongs high up on any list like this.

  • I guess you still have to put Vick ahead of the three Matts (Ryan, Schaub and Stafford) who rank behind him on John's list. But man, I don't think he should get real comfortable there. Vick could shoot up or down this list very quickly and it wouldn't be a big surprise either way. It all depends on how much time he spends on the field.

  • Griffin is one spot behind fellow rookie Andrew Luck, at the back end of John's "Chad Pennington division," and ahead of the people and messes in Minnesota, Seattle, Arizona, Tennessee, Miami, Cleveland and Jacksonville. Got to prove it, etc.