Gruden: Eagles don't need the Wildcat

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Former NFL head coach and current "Monday Night Football" analyst Jon Gruden is a believer in the Wildcat formation, but he's pretty sure the Eagles don't need it. Gruden told Philly Daily News football writer Paul Domowitch that he would only turn to the formation if he had an inexperienced starting quarterback.

"If I had a less-established quarterback like I had a couple years back in Tampa when I was starting a rookie, Bruce Gradkowski, I wouldn't hesitate at all to run it," Gruden said. "I believe in it. I believe it can work at this level. But when you already have a multiple Pro Bowler like Donovan [McNabb], I'd be wary of using it much, if at all. I'd be too concerned about the effect it might have on the flow of my offense. When you have a great quarterback like McNabb, I'm not sure I want to be taking the ball out of his hands."

Not that we haven't made this same point, but it holds a little more weight coming from a Super Bowl-winning coach such as Gruden. The Eagles have used the Wildcat formation 30 times in three games. Will that sort of pace continue after the bye week or slow down because of the return of McNabb?

I think Andy Reid will pick his spots. I don't think you'll see him shuttling Michael Vick into the lineup if McNabb's in the middle of a good groove.