Jacobs avoids 'tip-toe' debate

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Over the past few seasons, Brandon Jacobs has emerged as one of the most punishing runners in the league. But that didn't stop Fox analyst Tony Siragusa from saying that Jacobs appeared to be "tip-toeing" his way around the line of scrimmage early in the season. Those would normally be fighting words for Jacobs, but he exercised some restraint when addressing the topic with reporters Thursday.

Jacobs "I don't care about analysts," Jacobs said. "They are analysts. They are going to say what they've got to say. I am here, we are 3-0, and that's all I am focusing on. I don't want to talk about the comment that was made by Tony Siragusa. I don't really care about a Tony Siragusa. Next question."

Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride certainly doesn't agree that Jacobs is tip-toeing, but he did offer an explanation for why his numbers might be a little off after three games.

"If there is an error that is slowing him down, it is because he wants to be perfect," Gilbride said. "He is trying to make the perfect read, if that is it. Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts and go out and play. But I certainly don't see anybody that is tip-toeing."

Something tells me that Jacobs might break out of his "slump" against the Chiefs on Sunday.