Breakfast links: One week to go

Yes, the NFL season opener between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants is exactly one week from tonight. That's seven days, people. Seven. We can do that standing on our heads. I mean, not that we need to, or even should. But we could, if we wanted to. That's how easy it is, is what I'm getting at. Anyway, links.

Washington Redskins

The Tuesday release of Chris Cooley brings the importance of tight end Fred Davis into even greater focus, and Davis says it was nice to get a couple of catches in the third preseason game after not getting any in the first two. I don't think you make much of Davis being lightly targeted in the preseason. It seems fairly clear that the Redskins have been trying very hard not to show too much of their actual playbook.

Speaking of which, Robert Griffin III will not play in tonight's preseason finale, but that means nothing. Most teams don't play their starting quarterbacks (or any of their other starters) in the final preseason game, and no one in Washington is concerned about Griffin's readiness for the Sept. 9 opener in New Orleans.

Dallas Cowboys

I'd like to promise you that I'll write something as good as this Peter King piece in advance of next week's opener. I'd like to, but I can't. I mean, I'll try and all, but... oh well, just read it. Peter talked to Tony Romo about what he goes through as he prepares to face the Giants' defense. It'll get you fired up whichever team you root for.

According to Dez Bryant's adviser, David Wells, the new rules the Cowboys have in place for Bryant's off-field behavior came about at Bryant's request. That's a good and encouraging story if it's true, but as usual, it appears the people around Bryant are posturing to try and make themselves look good. And none of this matters as much as Bryant actually getting the help everyone seems to agree he needs. So we'll see.

New York Giants

Ohm's doing roster projections for the Giants, and this one focuses on the offense. The surprising part is the part where he does not have D.J. Ware making the team as one of the running backs. Ohm makes the good case that Andre Brown runs with more power and Da'Rel Scott looks like a special teams whiz, and of course he may be right. He's closer to the situation than I am. My sense is just that the passing game is the most important thing to the Giants, and that Ware is the best from among this group as a receiver and a blocker.

The Star-Ledger is debating whether Hakeem Nicks should play tonight in the Giants' preseason finale. Nicks is recovering from a broken foot and wants to play a few snaps because he hasn't yet this preseason. Personally, if it were me, I'd be too scared to play him. But the Giants trust Nicks, and he's a trustworthy and responsible player, so I guess they'll let him give it a go and hope he doesn't hurt himself.

Philadelphia Eagles

Andy Reid says that rookie Nick Foles is the Eagles' backup quarterback right now behind Michael Vick. Mike Kafka, whose hand is still broken and won't play in Thursday's preseason finale, appears to be in danger of not making the roster at all.

And in keeping with the Clinton Portis trend of running backs "retiring" long after their final games, Brian Westbrook is going to announce his retirement as an Eagle today and be honored by the team at a game in December.