The Huddle: The Dez Rules, other stuff

This week's edition of "The Huddle," starring your favorite division blogger as well as Ashley Fox and Mike Sando, examines three of the hot topics making news this week in the NFL.

The first one is the new set of rules the Dallas Cowboys have made for receiver Dez Bryant, and the team's motivation for putting those rules in place. You know where I come down on this. I think the Cowboys are doing what they feel they need to do to protect and maximize an investment, but they're also following through on the responsibility they took on when they drafted Bryant with full awareness of his off-field issues. You can listen to more from me, Ashley and Mike on this.

We also talk about Seattle's decision to start rookie Russell Wilson at quarterback and the Patriots' decision to give a contract extension to Aaron Hernandez but not Wes Welker. Check it out, and enjoy.