Breakfast links: No decision yet on Witten

I'm all out of witty introductions. The preseason games have broken my spirit. We have one more to go and then no more until 2013. And six days from tonight, the Giants and Cowboys will play for real. Six days, people. Six. We're going to make it. I promise. One link at a time. Well, okay, eight links at a time. Anyway, point is, links.

Dallas Cowboys

Doctors continue to monitor the lacerated spleen of Cowboys tight end Jason Witten, and while things are looking good, he doesn't appear to be out of the woods just yet. (By the way, Calvin Watkins is calling that thing a "slightly lacerated" spleen in this story. I'm thinking a "slightly" lacerated spleen can only be a spleen that isn't yours.) Anyway, no decision yet on Witten for Wednesday's regular-season opener. I can't imagine he plays, right? It's a spleen, not a hamstring. And they have 11 days between Games 1 and 2. I'd have to say sit out. But again, not my spleen, so we'll see.

Cornerback Mike Jenkins has been cleared to practice. Per league rules, he can't do so until Saturday. This news broke late Wednesday night and people were asking if I thought Jenkins could play in Wednesday's opener. How is that even a consideration? If he practices Saturday, Sunday and Monday and the team flies to New Jersey on Tuesday, that would give him a grand total of three practices. Since December. I'd be happy with Week 2 if I were you guys. Plus, setbacks and all.

New York Giants

Hakeem Nicks came out of Wednesday night's preseason finale feeling fine and 100 percent ready to go for next Wednesday. Which is all the Giants wanted to have happen with Nicks this week. It was his first game action since he broke his foot in the spring, and he seemed fine.

The way a couple of their back-of-the-roster guys have played in the preseason, the Giants are facing tougher decisions than they expected to face at defensive end, Mike Garafolo writes. Those final roster cuts are due by 9 pm ET on Friday, so the decisions will be made today or tomorrow, no matter how tough they may be.

Philadelphia Eagles

That backup quarterbacks Nick Foles and Trent Edwards have both been ascendant this preseason is no coincidence, given their relationship. Tim McManus has an interesting story about the way in which Foles and Edwards have helped each other this preseason. They could both make the team over Mike Kafka, who entered the preseason as Michael Vick's backup but has been out with a broken hand.

And it appears second-year man Chas Henry has won the punter competition in Philadelphia over former Cowboys punter Mat McBriar. This comes as a surprise and makes me think McBriar isn't fully healthy. Les Bowen thinks it might be because he isn't a great holder on field goals. I'd probably go with Les on this one, but let's see if McBriar gets a look somewhere else. If not, don't rule out that health thing.

Washington Redskins

When I want instant Redskins analysis -- and lots of it -- I click on John Keim. John's intrigued by Dezmon Briscoe, unconvinced on Brandon Banks and was really, really impressed with the technique Richard Crawford showed on his interception. And much, much more.

If you went to Wednesday's game, you didn't get to see Robert Griffin III play quarterback. But if you got there early enough, you got to see him kick some field goals in pregame warmups. I mean, it's not leaping tall buildings in a single bound. More like Roy Hobbs showing off his pitching arm that one time as he was running in from the outfield after New York Knights batting practice, but not exactly. Still, kind of a cool little thing.