Breakfast links: 'Jerry Wipes'

Good morning, all. There's a game tonight. No, not in our division, but still. Makes you realize it's time to get fired back up for Week 2 in the NFL. I'll be headed to Philadelphia this weekend to see the one team in the division I didn't catch in Week 1, as the Eagles take on the Ravens. Looking forward to seeing whether Michael Vick has knocked off the rust or if... well, we'll see. We'll get there one link at a time. Or actually eight.

Dallas Cowboys

If Phil Costa's back injury doesn't improve, Ryan Cook will find himself starting at center for the Cowboys, not just this week but potentially for weeks to come. The team likes Costa and wants to develop him, but if he's going to be an injury question mark and Cook is going to play well in his stead, Costa might find the plans for his development slowed down a bit.

Not only does the man who cleaned Jerry Jones' glasses in the season opener have an explanation for why he did it, he's had the idea to sell "Jerry Wipes" (with the proceeds going to charity, of course, since he's Jerry Jones' son-in-law and is OK on money) for $2.99 a pack. It's a world gone mad, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to see it clearly.

Washington Redskins

Rams coach Jeff Fisher is fine with the draft-pick haul he got in exchange for the No. 2 pick in the draft, and he's happy for his friend Mike Shanahan that the player Shanahan took with that pick had such an impressive debut. But that doesn't mean Fisher's looking forward to trying to stop Robert Griffin III when the Redskins arrive in St. Louis on Sunday.

Rich Campbell's defensive game review features several stars, including Ryan Kerrigan, DeJon Gomes and DeAngelo Hall, and very few negatives (Madieu Williams). The Redskins' front seven could have a field day Sunday against a depleted Rams offensive line.

Philadelphia Eagles

Andy Reid says he takes the responsibility for the apparent mistake of taking safety Jaiquawn Jarrett in the second round in 2011. Says he "goofed," which is a favorite word of his. I think the heat he's taking for this is justified. In the salary-cap era, those high draft picks are just too important to whiff on.

Vick is fine throwing the ball 56 times in a game if that's what the coaches want, though he admits it'd be nice to see more balance in the play calling. As I wrote Sunday, the Eagles absolutely needed to try and run the ball more than they did against a weak Browns run defense. I'm not sure trying to run it against the Ravens is the healthiest idea, though. The difference Sunday is that they're not likely to get 88 offensive plays this week.

New York Giants

Will Beatty appears to be healthy again, and now that he is he'd like his starting left tackle job back. It does not sound, however, as though he's certain to get it back anytime soon.

Former Rutgers player Eric LeGrand, who was paralyzed during a game in 2010, will be at MetLife Stadium for Sunday's game and will be involved in the coin toss. LeGrand was at the Cowboys-Giants opener, too, but this game will be extra special. The visiting team is the Buccaneers, who are coached by LeGrand's college coach, Greg Schiano. After taking the job in Tampa Bay, Schiano signed LeGrand to a contract and brought him to offseason workouts so that he could experience life as an NFL player for a short time before he announced his retirement a few days later.