Breakfast links: Bradford wary of Skins' D

Dallas Cowboys

Tim MacMahon writes that this is the most talented group of offensive skill position players the Cowboys have had since the days of the 1990s Super Bowl teams with Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin.

Even so, the Cowboys continue to try and identify the young players they believe can help them build a sustainable program for the future. Defensive lineman Sean Lissemore just got a new three-year contract.

Washington Redskins

With all due respect, Rams quarterback Sam Bradford wasn't watching quarterback Robert Griffin III when he looked at last week's Redskins-Saints game. Bradford was watching the Redskins' defense, with which he must contend this Sunday. He took note of how good the cornerbacks looked in man coverage and how much that helped the front seven.

Rookie running back Alfred Morris likes contact, John Keim writes. The thing the Redskins like about Morris is that he finds a way to keep going after that contact, always leaning or falling forward during and at the end of his runs.

Philadelphia Eagles

Tim McManus has an interesting look at the way things are going so far with quarterback Michael Vick and center Jason Kelce sharing responsibility for the line calls this year. Some stuff still to work out, it seems, though when you watch the last game the protection doesn't look as bad as you originally thought. Vick still needs to get rid of the ball sooner.

In spite of the fact that both missed practice Thursday due to injuries, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin are expected to play Sunday. I don't think it's overstating the case to say that they have no chance at all against the Ravens if neither of those guys is on the field.

New York Giants

Terrell Thomas has indeed undergone a third ACL surgery. It is fair to wonder if he'll ever play again. He's 27, and it's brutal to go through that one-year recovery process even once. He's done it twice. The idea of going through it a third time, only to emerge into the level of doubt that would await him every time he made a cut, is hard to fathom. It's a real shame. Thomas is a good guy and looked as though he was becoming a very good player. If you ever wonder why NFL players hold out to get as much money as they possibly can while the getting's good ... well, this is a pretty good example of why. They all know their chance to make that money could disappear in a second, and never come back.

The Giants' defensive line is promising it'll look much better this week against the Buccaneers than it did last week against the Cowboys. Energy level, etc. I personally doubt Josh Freeman can do as good a job of dodging the rush as Tony Romo did last week, so yeah, I'll buy it. Now, about those cornerbacks ...