Breakfast links: Eagles won't play it safe

Friday links, in order of the up-to-the-second division standings.

Philadelphia Eagles (2-0)

So they asked Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg if he might get more conservative with his offense, given the turnover problems the Eagles have had so far and how well the defense is playing, and Mornhinweg answered as though his questioner had three heads. The premise of Tim MacManus' analysis of this seems to be that it would be wise for the Eagles to go more conservative, a la the San Francisco 49ers. My feeling on that is that, if the 49ers had the kinds of offensive players the Eagles have, they wouldn't run a conservative offense either.

Speaking of those high-octane Eagles offensive players, wide receiver Jeremy Maclin was back at practice Thursday, though he was limited and it remains to be seen whether, how much or how well he'll play Sunday in Arizona with his hip still bugging him.

New York Giants (2-1)

Giants safety Antrel Rolle said after the game that he didn't expect to miss any time as a result of the left knee injury he suffered when he banged into a camera along the sideline in the end zone late in Thursday night's game. Obviously, the "laceration" the team announced is the least of the concerns here. I'm sure Rolle will have the knee checked for ligament damage, and that the Giants won't breathe easy until they're assure there isn't any.

How did the Giants get Cam Newton off his game? They blitzed him. ESPN Stats & Information has the numbers that show Newton was far less effective Thursday night when the Giants sent five or more pass rushers. I think what's especially impressive about this is the discipline all of the Giants' pass-rushers showed in staying vigilant, even once they were in the backfield, against the run. Carolina's a run-first team, and the Giants made sure to respect that even as they went after its second-year quarterback.

Dallas Cowboys (1-1)

Tony Romo is not down on Dez Bryant after Bryant's poor showing in Seattle. Romo insists he believes in Bryant as one of his top targets and that Bryant will have big games this year. Romo either believes this or is trying to be a leader and stand behind one of his key guys in a time of need. Or both. Could be both. Actually, it probably is both. Bryant had a bad game. He'll be fine.

Another of Romo's top targets, tight end Jason Witten, remains encouraged in spite of a slow start that just has to have something to do with his preseason spleen laceration, wouldn't you think?

Washington Redskins (1-1)

John Keim explains the ways in which the Redskins plan to try to replace Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker, their two defensive starters who suffered season-ending injuries in Sunday's loss in St. Louis. Jarvis Jenkins, their 2011 second-round draft pick, is the obvious replacement for Carriker, while Chris Wilson and Rob Jackson will share the unenviable task of trying to replace Orakpo.

Rookie running back Alfred Morris drives a 1991 Mazda 626 that's worth about $1,000. Parks it in the players' parking lot next to the sportscars and giant SUVs. Says it keeps him grounded. There are photos and everything. He calls it his "Bentley."