Mailbag clarification, call for submissions

So yeah, if you go back and look at last Saturday's mailbag post, I can see where it might have come off as ... well ... whiny. But I assure you, its intended purpose was not to complain. While I appreciate all of the support I received as a result of the post, I was not looking for reassuring pats on the back.

My intent, rather, was to generate better mailbag questions. The point I clumsily tried and failed to make was not that I needed people to stop sending in insults (though that would be nice, but rather that the mailbag has begun to fill up with nothing but insults. I don't mind the useless, nasty abuse. We have a very handy "delete" button at the bottom of each item, and it's easy to get rid of them. The problem arises when I delete all of those posts and there are very few (or no) real questions to answer. I need those of you who want to use the mailbag for its intended purpose to step up your game.

So that was my point, and you may consider it clarified and consider this a renewed plea for mailbag questions. In case it's been too long since we made it clear, this is the link to the mailbag (which can also be found at the side of every post I do on here, with a blue link that says "Send questions and comments"), and once you get there you can feel free to ask me anything you want about the NFC East. I am more than happy to answer questions. If we get enough, I'll do more than one mailbag a week. They're fun. But I can't make up the questions myself. So please, hit me up.