Don't read this with breakfast

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

I had no clue that Redskins defensive end Jason Taylor's injury in the Cardinals game was this serious. Jason Reid did a nice job breaking down all the gruesome details in the Washington Post.

"In the lower leg, there are four bundles in the muscles, and the muscles are each surrounded by a thick tissue called fascia," writes Reid after talking to the Redskins' director of sports medicine, Bubba Tyer. "If blood from muscles drains into the fascia, there is no outlet, creating pressure on that muscle group that causes swelling. Compartment syndrome can result in permanent damage to the enclosed muscles and nerves. Without treatment, paresis (slight or partial paralysis), loss of limbs or death could occur.

At some point in the wee hours of Monday morning, Taylor was told that his leg needed to be opened up so it could "bleed out." Upon hearing the unpleasant news, Taylor asked for a second opinion, which seems completely reasonable. Renowned orthopedist Dr. James Andrews instructed Taylor to go through with the surgery.

He may be out for a few weeks, but when you consider the severity of the injury, that seems like a pretty good prognosis.