Breakfast links: Bradshaw cleared to return

Aw yeah. It's Tuesday. That means it's chat day. And Power Rankings day. And "Knee-Jerk Reaction" day. Big day here on ESPN.com. You need your links.

Dallas Cowboys

Man, if you're a Cowboys fan, this Brandon Carr has a chance to become your favorite player in a big hurry. Not only has he been an outstanding cornerback over the first three games, he played well at safety when pressed into duty there Sunday after the Barry Church injury. And he says he's open to playing there more if that's what the team needs now that Church is out for the season.

Tim MacMahon writes that the brief dust-up between Dez Bryant and Tony Romo on the sidelines Sunday was not a big deal. I think MacMahon makes a key point in this story about the reverence with which Bryant views Romo, and I can see waving this off as heat-of-the-moment stuff. But it's worth watching, no? I mean, Bryant doesn't exactly have a reputation as a docile personality.

Philadelphia Eagles

By the end of the day Monday, Andy Reid was in full damage-control mode over what he'd said earlier in the day about Michael Vick and "evaluating as we go." But as Reuben Frank writes, it's fascinating that this has even become a topic already at this point in the season.

Sheil Kapadia has a detailed breakdown of how Vick fared Sunday against the blitz, and of each of the 19 (!) plays on which Vick was knocked to the ground. Somewhat alarming stuff.

New York Giants

Ahmad Bradshaw has been cleared to return to practice after a neck injury kept him out of last week's Giants victory in Carolina. What remains to be seen is what has happened to his role in his absence. Andre Brown was outstanding Thursday, and even if Bradshaw is re-inserted into his starting role, he's going to have to perform better than he has so far this season, or the Giants will owe it to themselves to consider using Brown instead.

Paul Schwartz writes that this season so far has shown the Giants have more talent on their roster than many may have anticipated. The Carolina game did indeed showcase their depth of offensive skill-position talent, though as Schwartz writes, questions remain on the offensive line.

Washington Redskins

The cover-zero blitz the Redskins like to use every now and then to maximize pressure on the quarterback before receivers have a chance to get open is a cornerback's nightmare, because it can put way too much pressure on the corner to be perfect. Josh Wilson was the victim Sunday, and DeAngelo Hall says he feels his pain.

The MRI on Trent Williams' knee showed a bone bruise, which is good news for Williams and the Redskins as that means no structural damage to ligaments. Unclear whether Williams can be ready to play Sunday in Tampa Bay, but the prospect of his having to miss an extended period of time with this injury is no longer a concern.