Breakfast links: Cowboys Monday meltdown

Yeah, I have plenty to say about what happened to the Cowboys on "Monday Night Football," but that's for a little bit later this morning. For purposes of this post, all that matters is that the Cowboys are 2-2 and their 1-0 division record puts them in second place via tiebreakers, as you can see by the order of the links.

Philadelphia Eagles (3-1)

Andy Reid says he's happy with the way Nnamdi Asomugha has performed in his time with the Eagles, and he points out (correctly) that cornerback is a position at which you're often judged by one or two mistakes. I think Asomugha has played fine this year. The issue is that, when the Eagles signed him last summer, he was hailed as one of the top two cornerbacks in the league, and he has not played to that level. But in terms of the first four games of this season, he's struggled some to stay with very fast wide receivers but has played the position well and has been a key part of an Eagles defense that has covered very well.

One area from Sunday night's victory in which the Eagles believe they can improve dramatically is in the area of kickoff coverage, where Giants rookie David Wilson shredded them all night. Perhaps a return from injury by Colt Anderson would shore things up.

Dallas Cowboys (2-2)

After throwing five interceptions in Monday Night's loss to the Bears, Tony Romo has now turned the ball over more times this year (10) than Michael Vick has (9). The first two interceptions Monday could be blamed on wide receivers. And if you wanted to be really generous, you could lay the third on the offensive line. But all five go on Romo's ledger, and he understands that it's his responsibility to make sure they don't happen.

The Cowboys defense played its worst game of the season Monday, though it's worth noting that they were without three starters, including outside linebacker Anthony Spencer, who had to miss the game with a pectoral muscle injury.

Washington Redskins (2-2)

No, the Redskins will not be working out any potential Billy Cundiff replacements this week, Mike Shanahan says. Yes, Cundiff has to do better on field goals, but they're thrilled with his work so far on kickoffs, which was the primary reason they got him, and you don't cut a guy after one bad game. And hey, he made the one that mattered at the end, did he not?

Safety Brandon Meriweather, who ironically was signed as the replacement for the too-often-injured LaRon Landry, will miss at least one more week due to Sunday's pregame collision with wide receiver Aldrick Robinson. Meriweather still hasn't played a game for the Redskins after suffering a knee injury in the final week of the preseason.

New York Giants (2-2)

The great thing about Tom Coughlin is you always get the straight story. On Monday, he said he blamed himself for the poor playcalling that cost the Giants at the end of Sunday night's loss to the Eagles. And this didn't sound like the typical coach-trying-to-shield-players-from-blame. Coughlin felt this responsibility, and it ate at him.

The Giants are likely to be without one of their best defensive players for a little while, as safety Kenny Phillips was diagnosed with a sprained MCL in his knee and is likely to miss a few games as he recovers. Phillips is a key part of the Giants' run defense as well as their coverage units, and he will be difficult to replace.