Chat wrap: A Cowboys bright spot?

We had our regular Tuesday chat. It was great, but for the part where my contact lens fell out and I had to scramble to find it and put it back in. A minor hiccup in an otherwise award-winning chat whose entire transcript you can read here. And if all you want is a couple of highlights, well, we've got you covered there too.

Bryan (Altoona): On a positive note from last night, Sean Lee just looks amazing. How does he stack with the other bEast ILBs?

Dan Graziano: It's either him or DeMeco Ryans so far as the top inside LB in the division this year. London Fletcher has the track record, but he's been outplayed by those two in 2012. Lee is an outstanding player, playing at a very high level. He started off this hot last year, too, and I think the wrist injury took the edge off of what could have been a big breakout season. If he stays healthy, he's as good a defensive player as any team has.

Jay (Philly): I know you had reservation about DeSean Jackson this upcoming year, what are your thoughts now?

DG: Glad you brought this up. He's played very well. I believed it could go either way for him in the wake of the contract, and it's gone the way the Eagles would have hoped. He's engaged, energetic and sharp. He's making effort plays he didn't make last year. Bad for him that he couldn't muster the right kind of effort last year, but good for him for (at least so far) making good on his promise to rededicate himself this year.

Fiversons (Skinsville, NC): Dan... Why do Mike Shanahan/Danny Smith seem more enamored with touchbacks and not FG percentage? Who cares if your kicker is 100% in touchbacks when he is 25% for FG and damn near costs your team the game? It's madness....

DG: You're overstating it, I think. It's not that they're sacrificing FG percentage for better kickoffs. It's assumed that Billy Cundiff can kick FGs, and that Sunday was just a bad game. If he keeps missing, they'll replace him. But they don't think he will, and in the meantime the value of knowing for a fact that almost every single kickoff is going to be a touchback is very high. Think how much more comfortable the Eagles would have been Sunday night if they'd been able to say that.

Gregg (via mobile): Why won't Giants make more use of David Wilson, throw him a screen and let him run in open space?

DG: Because it seems like, a lot of times, when they try to get him the ball, he drops it. I think Giants fans need to get used to the idea of Wilson as a developmental player who's third on the depth chart right now and has big things ahead of him in the future.

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