Breakfast links: Vick improves vs. blitz

Ah, Wednesday. When teams get back to practice and we can finally start talking about next week instead of rehashing and overreacting to last week. Even the Cowboys are practicing today before heading off on their bye week. We'll have stuff to discuss, and that's always nice. Meantime, let's see what kind of dreg links we can find off of Tuesday.

Philadelphia Eagles

Part of the key to the Eagles' turnover-free victory over the Giants on Sunday was the improvement Michael Vick showed, in particular, against the blitz. Geoff Mosher breaks it down.

Brian Rolle was a starting linebacker for the Eagles not very long ago. On Tuesday, he was cut. Yes, they're deeper and better at linebacker than they were last year, and that's part of it. But another part is that their kick coverage units were atrocious Sunday, and Rolle was particularly bad. If you're not starting and you can't help on special teams, you're never far from the unemployment line.

Dallas Cowboys

As I wrote last week, the Cowboys were unlikely to solve their running game problems against the Bears, and they did not. The are also unlikely to solve them two weeks from now in Baltimore. But Jason Garrett believes, correctly, that the important thing is to keep believing in the run game and remain committed to it as a part of the offense. All of this angst shall pass, the schedule will ease out, and the Cowboys' offense will play better than it did Monday Night.

But my goodness, has there been a widespread lack of perspective about this one ugly loss. One guy who does not share that lack of perspective is owner Jerry Jones, who says he retains a belief that things can turn around and remains committed to the big picture. No one's getting fired here, folks. Not at 2-2, and not anytime soon.

Washington Redskins

Mike Shanahan says young wide receivers Josh Morgan and Leonard Hankerson are contributing as more than just receivers. He praised their blocking in the run game and believes they are making great strides in their development overall.

John Keim's offensive notes from Sunday's game do a very good job of explaining the remarkable work an injured Trent Williams did at left tackle in spite of a knee problem that limited him. Williams is putting together an excellent season, and this latest is an example of a kind of toughness for which he has not previously been known. Very encouraging game in Williams' career, that was.

New York Giants

David Wilson is impressing the Giants' coaches with his work on kick returns, and yes, that is the kind of thing that can get a guy back involved in the offense if it keeps up. No one's close to giving up on Wilson, because that would be ridiculous, and there's no shame in taking a while to adjust to the NFL game, even if you're a first-round pick.

Today could be a big day for news on wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, whose knee injury is a growing concern and could linger for a while if Tom Coughlin's fears are realized.