Breakfast links: Nicks out again

I don't know. Do you guys like the film breakdowns? Or no? I've enjoyed doing them, but I'm certainly not experienced enough at it to have attained a certainty that I know what I'm doing. If you want more of them, want less of them or are okay with the one or two per week on a specific subject, I'm eager to hear your feedback. First, though, please, have some links.

Philadephia Eagles

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown called Eagles rookie cornerback Brandon Boykin a "candy bar," which in spite of the fact that candy bars are wonderful is apparently not a compliment. Boykin wisely declined to engage.

Right tackle Todd Herremans is upset with himself for the way he played and recovered from early mistakes during the Eagles' victory on Sunday night.

Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant says he thinks Tony Romo still believes in him. I don't know why he can't just ask Tony, but whatever. Tim MacMahon details what makes Bryant so frustrating.

The Landry Hat poses the question, in light of recent stories about the Cowboys wanting to extend Romo's contract, of why Romo would even want to be a Cowboy anymore. My two-part answer: (a) The money's going to be real, real good; (b) Everybody's still way, way, waaaaay overreacting to the most recent game.

Washington Redskins

Redskins players say the pass rush could be the key to stopping Matt Ryan and the Falcons' offense Sunday. They say "key," I say "only hope." Potato, potahto.

Just because they're dealing with injury and personnel-deficiencies in the secondary doesn't mean the Redskins are giving up trying. As Rich Campbell writes, they're moving people around to all kinds of different places these days, especially when they go to the nickel.

New York Giants

Wide receiver Hakeem Nicks will miss his third game in a row Sunday due to lingering foot and knee injuries, which is a real shame. Not that they can't beat the Browns without him, but the last time Nicks played he was NFC Offensive Player of the Week, and he's a pleasure to watch.

The Giants' pass rush hasn't been what they expect it to be so far this year, and as a result their pass-rushers say they're not having any fun. That's sad. Perhaps Brandon Weeden can help.